About Us

As a Christian Charity we want to share the love of Jesus with vulnerable children, young men and women whom are presently, or have previously been, in the care system in Romania.

We aim to help change their lives. We also aim to assist families living in poor conditions there.

We aim to support and care for those that God brings to us for as long as they require it. We do this by :

  1. Providing accommodation for young people and adults over the age of 18 (from an orphanage background) creating a Christian family environment. Currently Real Hope provides all the financial needs of running a flat in the city of Brasov where 4 young men live. Real Hope’s first employee, Marian Moisevici, oversees the flat and provides love, care and pastoral support to the men.
  2. Building and maintaining staffing needs, of a purpose built Christian home for adolescents leaving the care system. This will be a long-term commitment. Real Hope has purchased a 3600sq.m site just outside Brasov. Work is continuing onsite to provide a self-sufficient farm and offer a permanent Christian home to people who would otherwise be living in dangerous situations.
  3. Assisting families by providing food, clothing, and shelter as their personal needs require.
  4. Regular visits to an orphanage, visiting these children at their school, investing in them and sharing the love of Jesus with these precious young ones.


Most of all we want to share our Christian faith with those we meet and share the wonderful truth about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with our ultimate goal to see many souls saved through His work here in Romania. Please pray for the work of Real Hope.